Don’t get Stiffed by The BONER

Did you lose your job thanks to failed Republican economic policies?

Did you lose your house thanks to Republicans deregulating the banks and inflating the housing bubble?

Did you lose a relative thanks to the Iraq War promoted by failed Republican “intelligence” and patriotism?

Did you see another Wall Street fatcat get more tax breaks on his $5 million bonus?

Did you see the deficit explode thanks to Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and to Big Corporations?

CONGRATULATIONS!  You got stiffed by The BONER!

“If we win the elections in November, we’ll govern the way we always have.”

– John “The Boner” Boehner


Racist and Liar Andrew Breitbart

Too many government regulations

All the Right Wingers in Louisiana who yelled “get the government off our backs!” and parroted the Big Oil propaganda about too many regulations have now gotten their wish.

This is what happens when you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mitch McConnell, Exxon Mobil, BP and the other power brokers who don’t give a damn about common Americans.  You turned your back on rationality and common sense, chanted “Drill Baby Drill!” wore your Tea Party hats and questioned Obama’s birth certificate, and in return, you are losing your clean water, your marshes, your coastline, your fishing and hospitality industries.

Energy – Obama vs. Bush

George Bush energy policy…

President Obama energy policy …

Any questions?

When Sarah Palin wins in 2012

Voting for Sarah Palin seemed like a good idea ….

Maybe deregulating the banks to let the “free market” work wasn’t so smart….

Least we don’t have to worry about them damn immigrants.

They moved back to Mexico cause the jobs are better.

Let’s ask them fellers for a job, they seem to be everywhere.

Tea Baggers Angry at … what?

“What do I want? Well, I want it all to stop,” said Gail Hathaway, a warm 61-year-old retired nurse from Vonore, Tenn., to the Los Angeles Times at the National Tea Party Convention, an event billed as the first major conference for the conservative movement currently reshaping America’s political landscape. “Our way of life is under attack. I truly believe they are trying to destroy this country. It’s just hard to say who ‘they’ is.”


1)  Tea Baggers don’t know the issues

2) Tea Baggers are old

2) Tea Baggers let Fox TV rile them up and tell them how to think

Seven Stages of Right Wing Celebration

Day One – Scott Brown wins Senate election
“Yay!  We won!  We beat healthcare! You stupid liberals!”

Day Two
Insurance company cancels coverage for “pre-existing condition.”

Day Three
Hospital Stay for accident – not covered, pay out of pocket

Day Four

Bankruptcy hearing

Day Five

Day Six
Can’t visit doctor for follow-up, get sicker

Day Seven
“Why can’t the government do something about this!”