Al Franken has more courage than Obama

Now why can’t the President show some backbone like Al Franken??  Traitor Joe called Obama a Muslim and terrorist during the campaign, now he’s taking all the public protection out of the healthcare bill, and Obama cowers like a baby when Traitor Joe withholds his vote.

3 responses to “Al Franken has more courage than Obama

  1. It is not Obama’s job to chase after Traitor Joe. Joe is a sick traitorous slimy piece of … well, you get the idea.

    1) The Republicans would take numerous cheap shots at Lieberman if Obama attacked him directly.

    2) It is Obama’s job to hound individual members of the legislature. The other members of the Dem party should be doing it.

    3) Joe is a traitor. And he already made it clear during the campaign that he thinks low of Obama. Republicans would say that it is retaliation.

    4) Again, he’s a slimy traitor.

    5) Obama is better than that.

  2. The “forget and forgive” Obama better be re-thinking his stratagy with Joe or he will be a one term nice guy! Get tough Obama and force Joes ass out of his homeland security chair NOW!! The conservitives don’t want his whiney traitor ass and progressives sure as hell don’t want him! Get some balls Obama!

  3. My favorite Joe quote:

    “A miracle on Christmas Day that this device did not explode.” – Joe Lieberman

    Hmmm… a devout Jewish man who believes in Christmas miracles? So much for religious integrity.

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