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When Sarah Palin wins in 2012

Voting for Sarah Palin seemed like a good idea ….

Maybe deregulating the banks to let the “free market” work wasn’t so smart….

Least we don’t have to worry about them damn immigrants.

They moved back to Mexico cause the jobs are better.

Let’s ask them fellers for a job, they seem to be everywhere.


Support Palin or the Bear Gets it!

“I’m Sarah Palin.  If you don’t vote for me, this bear is history.  I mean it. 

I sued George W. Bush and the U.S. government to get polar bears off the endangered species list so we could kill them and make room for more oil pipelines.  I also told a group of high school students God wants us to drill for more oil in Alaska, and God wants us to invade Iraq.  I have a special pipeline to God, that’s how I know all this. I’m running with John McCain who said he’s got a secret plan to kill Osama Bin Laden.  But he’s only going to reveal this plan if he’s elected President.  Otherwise, Bin Laden goes free.  Can you believe all the wacky stupid things we’re saying?  I just told Charlie Gibson on ABC that we should attack Russia.  And can you believe anyone is actually voting for extreme Right-Wing wackos like us?  Now that’s really crazy!”