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Seven Stages of Right Wing Celebration

Day One – Scott Brown wins Senate election
“Yay!  We won!  We beat healthcare! You stupid liberals!”

Day Two
Insurance company cancels coverage for “pre-existing condition.”

Day Three
Hospital Stay for accident – not covered, pay out of pocket

Day Four

Bankruptcy hearing

Day Five

Day Six
Can’t visit doctor for follow-up, get sicker

Day Seven
“Why can’t the government do something about this!”

Al Franken has more courage than Obama

Now why can’t the President show some backbone like Al Franken??  Traitor Joe called Obama a Muslim and terrorist during the campaign, now he’s taking all the public protection out of the healthcare bill, and Obama cowers like a baby when Traitor Joe withholds his vote.



Traitor Joe stalls healthcare by making the Senate take out the public option and the Medicare buy-in … a New Low for Joe.  Now an honest Connecticut politician calls for his recall.  Thanks again, Connecticut for giving us this corporate shill.