Everyone Hates Traitor Joe

(From Talking Points Memo)

The new poll of Connecticut by Public Policy Polling (D) finds that independent Sen. Joe Lieberman’s approval rating is absolutely in the dumps after his actions in the health care debate, with him having antagonized every group imaginable by both weakening progressive efforts and then voting for the actual bill.

Lieberman’s overall approval rating is only 25%, with 67% disapproval. Democrats disapprove of him by 14%-81%, Republicans by 39%-48%, and independents by 32%-61%. Only 19% approve of his actions on the health care bill, with Democrats at 8%-80%, Republicans at 26%-55%, and independents at 30%-59%. Among those who support the bill, 84% disapprove of his handling of the issue, and in addition 52% of the people who don’t support the bill also disapprove of Lieberman’s actions.

“Joe Lieberman isn’t popular enough with the Democrats or the Republicans to receive their nomination for the Senate in 2012,” said PPP president Dean Debnam, in the polling memo. “And since the independents don’t like him much these days either it’s hard to see how he’ll be around for another term.”


Al Franken has more courage than Obama

Now why can’t the President show some backbone like Al Franken??  Traitor Joe called Obama a Muslim and terrorist during the campaign, now he’s taking all the public protection out of the healthcare bill, and Obama cowers like a baby when Traitor Joe withholds his vote.



Traitor Joe stalls healthcare by making the Senate take out the public option and the Medicare buy-in … a New Low for Joe.  Now an honest Connecticut politician calls for his recall.  Thanks again, Connecticut for giving us this corporate shill.


Tea Party Protesters Schedule

9 a.m. – Wake up

9:15 a.m. – Watch Fox News segment on why Obama is a Socialist and nod in agreement

9:30 a.m. – Cash government unemployment check

10 a.m. – Listen to Limbaugh on radio and giggle, “you tell ’em Rush!”

10:30 a.m. – Go to doctor paid for by Medicare


11 a.m. – Read email claiming Obama was born in Kenya, forward it to friends and demand to personally see his birth certificate

11:15 a.m. – Print email of talking points against public option written by insurance company which they think comes from “average Americans” like them

11:30 – Paint offensive sign criticizing Obama and Nancy Pelosi

Noon – buy more bullets for hand gun at Wal-Mart, pick up prescription medication for free paid by Medicare

1 p.m. – Picket outside Town Hall meeting, accuse all opponents of being Communists

2 p.m. – Yell inside Town Hall meeting “I want my country back!’

3 p.m. – Try to get interviewed by local Fox affiliate who organized this “grass roots” protest

3:30 p.m. – Listen to Sean Hannity on the radio and smirk, “You tell ’em Sean!”

4 p.m. – Go online and sign up for extension of unemployment benefits, claim to be looking for jobs

5 p.m. – Watch O’Reilly on Fox News and mutter, “This country is going to hell.”


Time to resign you Big Dummy!


But Paw … I wanna be Governor and go to Argentina to visit my mistress for free





Why we need Health Insurance Reform

Without a successful reform of current escalations in health care
expenditure, the future solvency of the American nation is on the line
— a genuine issue of national security — the stakes couldn’t be
higher.  Much of the opposition from the right and profit motivated
stakeholders (insurance companies, pharma, docs (who in private
practice are generally out of touch with the nearly 50 million
uninsured and seem to have difficulty separating a buck from what’s
good for us as a nation).

The opposition is often couched in black and white ideological terms
— which as a marginal political strategy may well have some traction,
but it’s a profound disservice to this most important of national

What we know with certainty, is that the current status quo can’t
continue.  Should there not be reform now, the hammer of history will
strike again; likely much, much harder — as we head further into an
exponential expansion of health care related expenditure obligations.

The political spin-meisters would have you believe that there will be
“rationing” under “Obamacare” — in truth, we irrationally ration
massively currently by excluding tens of millions from routine health
care services.  The real hope with Obamacare

Elderly Right Winger says "God will get you!" for supporting reform

Elderly Right Winger says "God will get you!" for supporting reform

is that we’ll start “rationing” more rationally; which leads to spending less and getting more and reducing the overall profitability of an otherwise opaque and segmented medical-industrial complex.

And that’s the real fear of the profit motivated stakeholders.

What’s good for America as a whole may well not be good for them.   Hush now, they don’t want you to know that!