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Racist and Liar Andrew Breitbart

Tea Baggers Angry at … what?

“What do I want? Well, I want it all to stop,” said Gail Hathaway, a warm 61-year-old retired nurse from Vonore, Tenn., to the Los Angeles Times at the National Tea Party Convention, an event billed as the first major conference for the conservative movement currently reshaping America’s political landscape. “Our way of life is under attack. I truly believe they are trying to destroy this country. It’s just hard to say who ‘they’ is.”


1)  Tea Baggers don’t know the issues

2) Tea Baggers are old

2) Tea Baggers let Fox TV rile them up and tell them how to think

Republican Tea Baggers Go Nuts

Notice anything about the Republican Tea Baggers?


The knee-jerk Republican response to any question — from military service, to taxes, to bonuses — is to protect the wealthy. Wealth is their only religion. The GOP love to talk about Christian religion to stroke their evangelical base but they actually hate anyone who follows the historic Jesus who said: “It is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God.” – Frank Schaefer


“There’s obviously nothing wrong with the right attempting to engage in protest politics. The problem is that it was never clear what they were protesting. So far Obama has cut taxes for most of the population and… well, that’s it … But the teabaggers… honestly, I still have no idea what it was about. I mean, I know it was about tribal allegiance against Barack Mumia Saddam Obama III. But it wasn’t actually about anything else.” – Atrios


“A Fox News-hyped U. S. anti-tax movement has failed to bring about the “popular uprising” its creators had hoped for.  The day of “tea parties,” pushed by Republican operatives and partisan advocacy groups such as FreedomWorks, which sought to protest U. S. President Barack Obama government’s tax and stimulus policies by encouraging people to”wave tea bags,” brought about only a few hundred “tea-baggers” in most parts of the U. S., despite relentless promotion by Fox News TV hosts.” – Calgary Herald


“I wandered up to the Fox News-sponsored Sacramento “Tea Party” at the state capitol this afternoon and was amazed at the number of middle-aged white people. Frankly, it looked a lot like the Iowa State Fair, but without the smiles and funnel cakes. Except for the SN&R Press Pass, I would‘ve fit right in—well, except for the frightened, confused, anti-tax, anti-immigrant and just a tad racist thing.” – Sacramento News


“Hey Big Brother: Show us Your Real Birth Certificate,” said one sign in the rain-soaked crowd.  “Blackbeard Obama, King of the Tax Pirates,” said another.  A third showed the president dressed up as Steve Urkel, the nerdy black kid with big glasses and suspenders from “Family Matters.” … Though ostensibly an anti-tax protest, it was more of an anti-Obama festival. Among the messages: “The Audacity of the Dope,” “O Crap” and Obama as an acronym for “One Big Awful Mistake America.” Some messages were ugly (“Napolitano — Obama’s Gestapo Queen,” “Hang ‘Em High Traitors,” and a sign held by a young girl saying “Victim of Child Tax Abuse”). – Washington Post


From a GALLUP Poll

First off, the federal tax burden is actually low by historical standards. The effective tax rate (that is, the rate people really pay after deductions, credits and exemptions) was 9.1 percent in 2006, the last year for which the Congressional Budget Office had numbers. This is down from a peak of 12 percent in 1981. The effective federal rate for the middle fifth of all taxpayers is 3 percent. Taxpayers seem to think this is a reasonable levy.

Second, contrary to received political wisdom, the tax system is viewed as pretty fair overall. In 2009, 61 percent thought the tax they pay is fair. That’s way up from the years before 2003 and the Bush tax cuts. Republican politicians tend to think taxpayers always resent their tax bills. They don’t. Democratic politicians tend to think taxpayers always resent the fact the rich don’t pay much more in taxes. They don’t. – NPR


Besides being uninformed and angry … all WHITE people.  But of course, it’s all about “taxes.”