Rush Limbaugh Needs a New Bra

Hi, I’m Rush Limbaugh.  As you can tell, I’ve put on a few pounds lately, and I need some support on top.  Could you please recommend a comfortable bra for me?


Please let me know which would be more comfortable:

DD+ Bras

Playtex Secrets

Victoria’s Secret

6 responses to “Rush Limbaugh Needs a New Bra

  1. I’m guessing he’s at least a DD and I don’t doubt that this picture is too far from the truth!

    Can anyone say, OctoDad?

  2. Branch Davidian

    Let me tell you something; he looks kinda nice.

  3. A fitting symbol for the party of the elephant and its demise…

  4. No wonder Michael Steele backed down. Limbra could eat him like a Sunday snack.

    DD+ for sure.

  5. Introducing the leader of the Rushpublican Party.

    Keep your hands away from his mouth and please – no feeding Rush.

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