McCain Trick or Treat

Hey kids, it’s Halloween, ready for some Trick or Treat?  First, here’s the Trick: when I get elected I’m going to start a war with Iran and you’re all going to be drafted!  How do you like that, you little brats?  You thought Fallujah was dangerous, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Now here’s a Treat: tax cuts!  Bet you like that, huh?  But only if you make more than $500,000 a year, then I’ll cut your taxes down to almost nothing. That’s 2% of the population.  The other 98% don’t get a damn thing.

Rich people don’t deserve to pay their fair share, they’re better than you.   I’ll also cut taxes from big corporations like oil companies who made a record $1 trillion in profits last quarter.   My tax plan will add about a trillion dollars to our deficit, what a Treat!  For everyone else, you’re going to pay more taxes on your social security and your health benefits. Now that’s Change we can all Believe In.  So have a Happy Halloween and don’t forget to vote for me … you have no idea how scary it’s going to be once I’m in office.

7 responses to “McCain Trick or Treat

  1. Love it, nice job. Keep up the good work.
    As a Connecticut resident, I am embarrassed at Trader Joe’s behavoir, especially during the Republican convention. I only wish McCain had chosen him as his VP, the two of them deserve one another.

  2. Cute!

    McCain and Palin are good, decent people.
    So are Obama and Biden.
    There is, though one glaring difference.
    McCain/Palin want to continue the Iraq war.
    Obama/Biden want to end it.

    I want to discuss something Republicans REALLY love: Money.

    Estimates are that just under 100,000 people have been killed in Iraq.

    Cost estimate: $3 TRILLION final, $1 TRILLION spend so far

    COST TO US: between $10 and $30 million per terrorist!

    Ya know, I just don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth, Aye?!!
    Do you? I say we END THIS WAR!

  3. Christian Liberal:

    Brilliant! Why do you think so many Christians will vote for Palin sight unseeen? Palin said God wanted Alaska to build a pipeline and God wanted America to attack Iraq. Like she has a direct conduit or God is a magical genie who pops up whenever she needs justification.


  4. The trick I don’t understand is how they keep getting people to blindly vote for their bad policies and against their own interests.

  5. No Country for Old Men! Now that would be a treat!

  6. great photo. can’t wait for holloween!

  7. Scariest Halloween ever!

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