Lies of Sarah Palin speech

She lied about Bridge to Nowhere and her support for it, she lied about Barrack Obama’s past, his plans on taxes, her budget deficits during her time as mayor of Podunk, Alaska.   How many lies did you count?  Good analysis from Josh at Talking Points Memo:

Rage We Can Believe In

I know I’m swimming upstream against a stiff current. But I’ll stick to my first impression. I think Mike Allen is nuts to call the Palin speech a grand slam. For partisan Republicans, absolutely. It’s a bad year for Republicans and the desire for something or someone to get excited about is palpable. And they got it. But there’s only so much more consolidating of the Republican base McCain can do. As good as her delivery was, I really don’t think this was a speech that spoke to the issues that are driving the election this year. I don’t think it’s a slashing attacks against liberal elites kind of year. And as much as politics is about gut reactions and instinct, I don’t think ignoring any discussion of the economy this year works. Finally, fundamentally, I do think this is a change election year. And I don’t think that was a change speech. Not a convincing one.

As I said, I could totally be wrong. Just my opinion.

Also significant, while the networks have gotten distracted about the kid nonsense, Palin has a serious issue with a lot of on the record lies — on a serious front with trooper-gate and on a lighter front with the repeated lies about the bridge to nowhere.

Late Update: I just saw James Fallows’ take on this. I think he’s got it right.

2 responses to “Lies of Sarah Palin speech

  1. Can somebody tell me why McCain’s military service makes him more qualified to be President. Is it possible that his military service adds NO value to his qualifications?

  2. I agree 100% with your post.

    The same people saying that McCain’s military service qualifies him to be president are the same people calling John Kerry a traitor over his honorable service to this country.
    They are also the same people who think 18 months as governor of Alaska makes her more qualified to be VP than McCain, Obama and Biden combined.
    It’s sheer nonsense.

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