Sarah Palin Speech

Good Evening Fellow Republicans and Children of God!

I’m here to fight the forces of evil, the liberal media, Democrats and other tools of Satan, just like I fought the forces of teen pregnancy and sex education.  Many people say what’s this hockey mom with no experience in foreign policy doing here as a Vice President candidate?  Let me tell you something – Alaska is right next to Russia so I got lots of foreign experience.  And my 5 years in the PTA dealing with teachers and administrators make me a lot more qualified than Barook Obama.  Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao better watch out – they’ve never dealt with a gun totin’, Bible thumpin’ Alaska reformer like me.  I’ll shoot down those Russkies and Chinese like my husband’s oil company shoots down the polar bears.

I warn ya, critics better not take any shots at me cuz I’m a woman.  And we all know how Republicans treat women so well, just like we did Hillary Clinton when she was still in the race.  So whether I’m in Juneau, Russia, Czechloslvakia or the border of Iraq and Pakistan, I’m ready to lead this country when John McCain takes one of his frequent naps or just passes out for good.  GOD BLESS YOU!


6 responses to “Sarah Palin Speech

  1. Stephanie Miller made some funny references to the VeeP pick about her Marge Simpson hair…but I would rather have Marge and Homer running the country than this cypher. She reminds me a lot of some of the scarier teachers I had in elementary school.

  2. I think Sarah is a hottie

  3. Ha ha – the betting continues that the Sarah Palin pick will be pulled. It seems like among other things, she’s a big fan of earmarks and pork barrel spending – when it benefits Alaska – and you know, there’s the whole Alaska First problem!

  4. Sarah Palin and Tall will get BLASTED by Joe Biden in the VP debates. You’ve gotta admit though, she is a VPILF!

  5. Please check out this post at My2Bucks about someone who knows Sarah Palin personally:

  6. I heard she smoked pot..

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