New York Times call me “Traitor Joe”

A story in today’s New York Times written by Mark Leibovich refers to me as “Traitor Joe.”  How dare the mainstream media attack a great patriot like Me!  They should bow and scrape like the rest of media does, treating me with respect because I “love” Israel and jump and bow … I mean walk … across the aisle to serve, I mean, work with, Republicans.   They should honor me the way Daily Kos honored John McCain and Master George Bush with this photo from their recent vacation together.

With Love for the next 100 years, because that’s how long we’ll be in Iraq if John McCain wins,

Traitor Joe

3 responses to “New York Times call me “Traitor Joe”

  1. It’s interestign that Republcians like Lieberman think that the GOP is the foremaost supporter of Israel. They are not. They only support Israel to further their goofy “Evangelical 2nd coming of Christ” fairy tale. The Republicans are full of shit; and mainstream American Jews knows this which is why we vote Democrat.

  2. Don’t forget to kiss McCain tomorrow for his 72 birthday.
    And I’m not sure if it provides a hint one way or the other but there is a rally Saturday evening to introduce the new McCain’s VP and where you’re an orthodox Jew, you can’t come out until after sunset . good luck.

  3. Fuck Joe and the horse he sucking off…

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