Thanks Hillary Voters

I want to personally thank all the Hillary voters who promise to vote for McCain because they are upset Hillary didn’t get the vice-presidential nomination.  Thanks!  People say Joe Lieberman is the biggest traitor in the Democratic party, but I’m an amateur compared to the PUMAs – Party Unity My Ass.  Your childish anger in continuing to support Hillary Clinton and your refusal to vote for the Democratic nominee Barrack Obama is doing more to help John McCain and the Republicans than I ever could. 

Obama won the nomination fair and square, and the Romney and Huckabee camps both supported McCain without conditions, but your insistence on sabotaging your own party is beautiful to behold. Keep it up and we will get three more right-wing Supreme Court judges, we will double the deficit from $3 trillion to $6 trillion, we will start a war with Iran and your middle-class taxes will rise as we give more tax breaks to oil companies and those with wealth greater than $3 million.  You are the true Traitors and Traitor Joe loves you.

3 responses to “Thanks Hillary Voters

  1. Well written! These bozos should be afraid of McCain and 8 more years of Republcian incomptence.

  2. I want to thank them too!More Dumbokrats should vote McCain.

  3. Any HillBot who is still planning on voting for McCain is just a Repug shill – paid by Karl Rove.
    Show them the door – their 15 minutes are up.

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