It’s Official – I’m a Traitor!


All you suckers who supported me because I threatened to turn Republican, too late.  Ha ha! Can’t believe you were so stupid. Next time I’ll sell you another fake war based on extremely facetious “intelligence” cooked up by the military industrial complex.

7 responses to “It’s Official – I’m a Traitor!

  1. Totally agree…..smells like the little twerp from Alabama who trashed Kerry in ’04.

  2. Can’t believe how this human trash blood-sucked our nation into fighting Israel’s war in Iraq.

  3. What is that disgusting smell?

    Oh, Joe Lieberman just walked into the room.

  4. Joe Lieberman putting the “Jew” in the name Judas

  5. I can’t believe how this sub human can hold
    his head up. This will surely cause a rebelion against the Jewish community.

  6. This will surely be his last wrong against the
    human race.

  7. joe LIEberman is a vindictive, spitful traitor. Remember when traitor joe, ask then senator Obama to campaign for him in CT in ’06. No good deed goes unpunished.

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