Iraqis Have it Good


Just read the New York Times Aug. 24 where it said … “The number of detainees held by the American-led military coalition in Iraq has swelled by 50 percent under the troop increase ordered by President Bush, with the inmate population growing from 16,000 in February to 24,500 today, according to American military officers in Iraq. Nearly 85 percent of the detainees in custody are Sunni Arabs, the minority faction in Iraq that ruled the country under the government of Saddam Hussein, with the other detainees being Shiite Muslims, the officers say.”

These Iraqis are living in clean tents with fancy, new metal shackles and enjoying fine horse meat, cabbage, worm-infested apples and sawgrass provided by Haliburton. This is MUCH better than living conditions under Saddam in their own homes. This is the freedom that Traitor Joe, George Bush and Dick Cheney were talking about! And if they don’t like it, we’ll send them to Abu Ghraib. Ungrateful jerks.

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