Real Press Release from Traitor Joe

(on the same day the National Intelligence Estimates puts out a release criticizing Maliki, Traitor Joe publishes his own version of the truth. I am NOT making this up!)


WASHINGTON– Senator Lieberman today issued the following statement in response to recent Congressional attacks on the Iraqi government:

“As even many critics of the Iraq war now acknowledge, General Petraeus’ counterinsurgency strategy is making real and significant progress in our fight there. Whereas a year ago, al Qaeda in Iraq controlled large swaths of territory, it is now being driven out of its former strongholds in Anbar and Diyala provinces by the surge in U.S. forces and their increasingly capable Iraqi allies. Whereas a year ago, sectarian violence was spiraling out of control in Iraq, it is now being damped down, and the militias that once terrorized Baghdad are being rolled back. Whereas a year ago, Iraq’s Sunni Arab community was largely allied with the insurgency, more and more Sunnis are coming over to our side, to fight against al Qaeda.

“Forced by facts on the ground to acknowledge the progress of the American and Iraqi militaries since the new surge strategy started, some of these opponents of the war are now turning their harshest criticism on our allies in Iraq instead of our enemies. This is a mistake. Whatever the shortcomings of our friends in Iraq, they are not an excuse to retreat from the real enemies who threaten our vital national interests there.

“I share the frustrations about the performance of the Iraqi government. But the fact is, as my colleagues know, Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus are meeting every day with Iraq’s democratically-elected leaders to help them reach compromise and reconciliation on a range of complex, painful, and existential issues. Political progress in Iraq depends on this kind of steady statecraft and patient diplomacy on the ground in Baghdad, rather than scapegoating and congressionally-ordered coups.


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